Vote Guru3D Rig Of The Year 2013 and win games and AMD APUs !

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The year is coming to an end and that means we need you to vote for the Guru3D Rig of the Year 2013. Over the past twelve months you have seen extraordinary, weird, special and downright beautiful builds, but we need to pick a winner, and you guys get to decide that ! 

The winner of the Rig of the Year 2013 will receive an Vector 150 – 240GB complementary from OCZ, the Vector 150 SSD is a steady state performance en endurance product. 

To the guys that vote (you guys), we'll register who voted and I'll hand out games here to a couple of random entries:

Games keys available will be; Hitman: Absolution (STEAM): Sleeping Dogs (STEAM): Medal Of Honor: Warfighter (ORIGIN): Crysis 3 (ORIGIN) NOTE!!: these only work in the UK! Bioshock: Infinite (STEAM): Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Ubishop key). Next the games keys we give away, the guys that vote could also win AMD APUs. I will have AMD ship out one AMD A10-6790K APU or one A10-6700 APU towards the winners. 

Please vote here, you need to be a Forum member.

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