Valve Stops Selling Steam Link - no longer for sale

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Valve stopped selling the Steam Link box that allows PC games to be streamed to a TV. The box is sold out in Europe and almost no longer available in the US, says Valve .

The Steam Link box will still be supported by Valve in the coming time frame. The function of the box is also available in Steam Link apps for smartphones, smart TVs and third-party TV cabinets. Through Steam Link, users of Valve Game Store Steam can stream their games to TVs within their home network. Because of that feature, Steam Link is not yet available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Apple has been banning Steam Link from its App Store since May. Apple believes that Valve sells games that are playable on iOS, which Apple does not allow. Valve states that players can only stream games that they have purchased for their PC. The two companies are in discussion on this, but there is as yet no solution for the situation.

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