Unannounced Intel Core i7 8086K Spotted

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Yes, you read that right, a nostalgic sounding 8086 processor. So then, Intel might be planning a special processor to be released with the 40th anniversary of the 8086 processor?

The processor would/could be in testing stages at Intel, however, in a Chinese forum someone released information and screenshots on it, as Wccftech notedThe Core i7 8086K would be a respin of Coffee Lake S and would get a vase clock of 4.0GHz, however, it would get a boost to 5.1GHz. Everything about Intel's Turbos is vague as they do not release info about it anymore, we I can only assume that 5.1 GHz is a single thread and core boost and 4.4 for the all-core boost.


It, however, would effectively make the proc fast than a Core i7 8700K. The 8086K would be the same six cores part with the same TDP of 95W. This remains to be a rumor though, Intel has not published anything about it.  It would not be the first-anniversary processor Intel release, remember the Pentium 20th Anniversary G3258 Processor?

8086K  ... right, going to the attic now, gotta find me an MS-DOS floppy disk :-) Oh and keep in mind, although it's a bunch of them (screenshots) they could very likely be fake.

Unannounced Intel Core i7 8086K Spotted

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