Two AIO water cooling types Cooler Master with premium dual chamber pump are available

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Cooler Master has begun handling of the latest versions of all-in-one water cooling units, the Master Liquid PL240 Flux and Master Liquid PL360 Flux.

The dual-chamber pump with a two-layer construction is a premium specification with an integrated high-speed motor that employs a ceramic bearing impeller to increase heat exchange efficiency with the radiator by pushing out the coolant at the optimal flow rate and pressure.

Flux MasterLiquid PL240
The cooling performance is improved by combining a copper base with a larger size and optimized thickness, a microchannel structure with an expanded surface area, and a dedicated fan for the Flux series that enables stable high-speed rotation due to the strong structure that connects the outer edges of the blades.

Flux MasterLiquid PL360
In each case, the fan speed ranges from 0 to 2,300 rpm 10%, the maximum air volume is 72.37 CFM, the maximum static pressure is 2.96 mmH2O, the maximum noise level is 32 dBA, and the fan life is greater than 160,000 hours. The water block is 89mm wide, 75mm deep, and 40mm high, with a noise level of up to 15dBA and a pump life of more than 210,000 hours.

The radiator dimensions of the "Master Liquid PL240 Flux" are 119.6 mm wide, 277 mm deep, and 27.2 mm thick, while the radiator dimensions of the "Master Liquid PL360 Flux" are 119.6 mm wide, 394 mm deep, and 27.2 mm thick. The platform is Intel LGA1700 / 1200/2066/2011-V3 / 2011/1151/1150/1155/1156, AMD Socket AM4 / AM3 + / AM3 / AM2 / AM2 + / FM2 + / FM2 / FM1 / TR4.

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