Turtle Beach Retires ROCCAT Brand and Future Product Plans

Turtle Beach, a well-known player in the gaming accessory space, has recently decided to phase out the ROCCAT brand, which it acquired back in 2019 for $14.8 million. ROCCAT, a company primarily known for its PC gaming accessories such as keyboards, mice, and headsets, will now be integrated into Turtle Beach's existing product lineup. This decision marks a significant shift in Turtle Beach's strategy as it aims to consolidate its branding and improve the cohesion of its product range across various platforms, including consoles, PCs, and simulation technologies.

The move to integrate ROCCAT into Turtle Beach’s broader product offerings is seen as a way to strengthen Turtle Beach's presence in the PC gaming market, an area where it had been traditionally viewed as more console-oriented. Despite the discontinuation of the ROCCAT brand, Turtle Beach assures customers that popular ROCCAT product lines, including Vulcan, Kone, Burst, and Sense, will not be discontinued. Instead, these products will be rebranded and continue to be available under the Turtle Beach brand. This rebranding includes plans to introduce new products as well as updated versions of existing ROCCAT favorites.

While we’ll be retiring the ROCCAT brand, many of its iconic product lines like the Vulcan, Kone, Burst and Sense will transition under the Turtle Beach brand. Our commitment to PC products remains as strong as ever and we have several ground-breaking new products to introduce as well as Turtle Beach-branded versions of popular existing ROCCAT products sticking around.

For existing ROCCAT customers, Turtle Beach is committed to ensuring a seamless transition. The company has consolidated its customer support services into a single, more streamlined support portal accessible at support.turtlebeach.com. This new portal will handle all inquiries, including technical issues and product returns. It will also continue to support the ROCCAT Swarm software, with a promise of launching an updated version, Swarm II, by Spring. This update is part of Turtle Beach's ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance the software experiences for users.

By making these changes, Turtle Beach aims to not only simplify its brand but also to reinforce its commitment to the PC gaming market. The integration of ROCCAT’s products into Turtle Beach’s lineup is expected to offer consumers a more unified and comprehensive range of gaming accessories. 

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