TSMC starts production of 5nm processors next month

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TSMC is set to kick off volume production of chips built using 5nm process technology in April, and has already seen the process capacity fully booked by clients, according to industry sources.

TSMC will begin production of Apple's A14 soc in April, first products might become available in September. However, everything is uncertain with COVID-19 of course.  As of 2019, Samsung Electronics and TSMC have begun limited risk production of 5 nm nodes, and have been planning to begin mass production in 2020. The 5 nm node was once assumed by some experts to be the end of Moore's law. Transistors smaller than 7 nm will experience quantum tunneling through the gate oxide layer. Due to the costs involved in the development, 5 nm is predicted to take longer to reach the market than the two years estimated by Moore's law.

In 2009, Intel's roadmap projected an end-user release by approximately 2020, though Intel has not yet revealed any specific plans to manufacturers or retailers.

TSMC starts production of 5nm processors next month

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