TSMC Ramping up 2nm Wafer Fabrication Development

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Your girlfriend would disagree, but yeah, smaller is better, especially in the land of technology. While production-wise we're at 7nm you've already heard about 5nm. But yes, chip wafer production can get even smaller and TSMC is now speeding up 2nm development.

TSMC announced that their 3-nanometer process is scheduled for trial production in the first half of next year already, mass production is expected to be in the second half of 2022. But as it turns out, it enabled the pace of research and development of 2 nanometers. Recently, it has purchased two rather expensive extreme ultraviolet (EUV) machines to invest 2 nanometers. 

TSMC is currently the most active fab to introduce extreme ultraviolet photolithography equipment to provide OEM mass production services. Also, because TSMC has advanced its FinFET technology process, TSMC has introduced extreme ultraviolet light microscopy at 5 nanometers. TSMC disclosed earlier in its annual report that TSMC is still leading the industry, investing in 2-nanometer technology research and development, and conducting exploratory research on technologies above 2 nanometers.

According to the TSMC supply chain, in order to accelerate the pace of 2-nanometer trial production, TSMC recently purchased two new EUV machines and invested for 2 nanometers in research and development. UDN also notes that TSMC already is in an early stage of R&D for even smaller fabrication.

TSMC Ramping up 2nm Wafer Fabrication Development

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