TSMC Gears Up for 2nm Chip Mass Production in 2025, N2P Technology in 2026

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is on track to commence mass production of cutting-edge 2nm chips in 2025. TSMC first revealed their intentions for this technological milestone in a 2021 roadmap, with further confirmation in 2022.

The company declared in January 2023 that it is in the preliminary phase of development, intending to run tests throughout 2024 to ensure a seamless shift to mass production the subsequent year.

Upon the launch of 2nm chips, TSMC intends to debut a unique manufacturing technique, dubbed N2P, in 2026. Although the firm has yet to confirm this plan, industry experts anticipate it to follow a similar trajectory as the 3nm chips, which saw an enhanced version released months later, resulting in performance and production process advancements.

The developments are set to occur at TSMC's Baoshan facility in Hsinchu, Taiwan. While the precise commencement date remains unconfirmed, further information is expected to be disclosed in the near future. However, the geopolitical climate casts a shadow over TSMC's progress, as both the US and China closely monitor the company. TSMC operates in Taiwan, a self-governed region within China often at odds with the Chinese authorities. The US is working to prevent China from seizing control of the facility and has even threatened its destruction if necessary.

Given the global sanctions hindering the shipment of manufacturing equipment to China, the impact on production and potential delays in TSMC's plans remains uncertain. Although there is a possibility that these restrictions may disrupt the 2nm development timeline, the company has yet to make an official statement on the matter.

TSMC Gears Up for 2nm Chip Mass Production in 2025, N2P Technology in 2026

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