Tricia Helfer and MythBusters to attend NVISION 08

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In roughly three weeks from now a big NVIDIA event will take place in San Jose California, it's called NVISION and definitely is going to be huge.

The big NVIDIA visual event is looking pretty impressive as some big names are showing up at this event. A large selection of conference attendees will be there like Buzz Aldrin who will debut a 3D Film "Fly Me to the Moon". There are more names for keynote speeches though. Shuttle Commander Eileen Collins, first women ever piloting the Space Shuttle, is going to speak likely about the fast evolution of technology within that cockpit.

Actress Tricia Helfer (yes the gorgeous blonde) from Battlestar Galactica is to Speak at NVISION 08 as well together with NVIDIA's CEO in likely the opening speech. In the lineup the MythBusters just have been added as well as Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage now been announced as special guests at NVISION 08 and rumor is .. there's some sort of world record to be broken at NVISION.

The Guinness attempt is quickly shaping up to be a flagship event at NVISION with a separate area for LAN Game record attempters.  The will play continuous for 36 hours with an allotted 10 minute break per 60 minutes played. Oy .. i can smell the energy drinks and coffee already.

Also the World's top professional gamers land in downtown San Jose to compete in ESWC grand final at NVISION 08. Next to all this there will be several workshops in several segments, from gamers, 3D professional, press, channel members and investors.

The NVISION 08 event goes from August 25 to the 27th, more info can be found here. There is lots of exciting stuff going on there.

Tricia Helfer and MythBusters to attend NVISION 08

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