Trailers Sell More Games Than Demos

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An interesting tidbit was posted on MTV Multiplayer as they published details on an interesting study from the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research Group (EEDAR) showing that games promoted with trailers sold better than games with playable demos offered prior to the games release.

"While demos may be effective at producing word-of-mouth, the EEDAR found that the highest selling games on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 produced buzz via Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network with trailers alone. There are some other interesting bits extrapolate, so lets look at how the sales break downThough demos have become commonplace a few weeks ahead of a games release, the EEDAR found that trailers are more effective than hands-on time with the product. Short and Zatkin actually recommended publishers start producing demos only after release to avoid interference with the final weeks of polish."

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Trailers Sell More Games Than Demos

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