Trailer: Demigod Combat HD

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Gas Powered Games has a new trailer available for Demigod, they fighting, RTS hybrid for the PC. This new project is called Demigod and is being described as an amalgamation of action, RPG and RTS genres. More importantly, the game revolves around a multiplayer experience. While GPG did mention plans to incorporate a single-player mode, nothing was revealed on the subject at this time.

For those who are unacquainted with the mechanics of DotA, here's how the whole thing works. The key facet of DotA is that players control a single Hero unit, each of which has a variety of unique abilities and is able to level up by taking out AI-controlled enemies across the map. This provides the groundwork for Demigod. You can forget about the worn-out gameplay principals of managing swarms of units and gathering as much resources to outperform your enemies.

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