TP-LINK pocket-sized 150Mbps Wireless Nano Router

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TP-LINK introduces the TL-WR702N, a pocket-sized 150Mbps Wireless Nano Pocket Router. TP-LINK, a global provider of networking products, thinks getting high-speed Internet access on the go should not be a hassle. With the new pocket-sized 150Mbps Wireless Nano Pocket Router (TL-WR702N) anyone can have fast Internet access anywhere.

Smaller than a credit card, the 150Mbps Wireless N Nano Router provides portability and convenience with its size and flexible power supply. With a MSRP of $39.99 the TP-LINK Nano can fit the budget of any traveler or student. It's ideal for connecting tablet computers, smart phones, portable gaming consoles, and other mobile electronic devices while on-the-go.

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