TP-Link Archer C5400X router with quad-core SoC at 5433Mbit/s Available

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TP-Link has released a new flagship router, meet the Archer C5400X. This beast comes with 16GB internal storage, a quad-core SoC that manages 5433Mbit/s combined on a 4x4 tri-band configuration. The unit handles a connection on the 2.4GHz-band at 1000Mbit/s and combines it with two 5 GHz connections at 2167 Mbit/s.

The router has been fitted with a whopping eight antennas to increase range. The router supports x4 MU-MIMO and NitroQAM. You will also spot eight gigabit Ethernet jacks on the backside. The Internal 16 GB storage may be used for storing a movie or music, basically, it functions as a small NAS. The quad-core SoC is made by Broadcom and is the BCM4908 with four 28nm Cortex A53-cores running at 1.8GHz. It seems that these routers slowly are turning into small servers. I do wonder what the power consumption would be when fully utilizing all bands.

if you can spot it, the unit will be selling for € 349,-

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