TP-Link Archer AX53 IPv6 IPoE compliant Wi-Fi 6 router for less than 79 USD

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TP-Link has unveiled the Archer AX53 IPv6 IPoE compliant Wi-Fi 6 router, which provides high-capacity connection without stress even amid congestion.

OFDMA, which can transfer data to numerous terminals at the same time, 1024-QAM, which has increased encoding efficiency by 25% and data rate by 11%, "Beamforming," which sends the best radio wave to the terminal's position, Wi-Fi meshing is simple. It matches to "OneMesh" and other network-building functions. The 5 GHz band transfer speed is 2,402 Mbps, the 2.4 GHz band transfer speed is 574 Mbps, the CPU has a built-in dual-core CPU, and the interface is Gigabit WANx1 and Gigabit LAN x4. The encryption function supports WPA, WPA2, WPA3, WPA, and WPA2-Enterprise, and it includes security features such as an SPI firewall, access control, IP & MAC binding, and an application layer gateway.

The main body is 260.2 mm wide, 135 mm deep, and 41.6 mm high, with four external antennae. The suggested utilization environment for a detached home is three floors, four stories for an apartment, and a maximum of 42 units. The unit is expected to be priced underĀ 79 USD/EUR.

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