Toshiba Shows Single Package PCI Express SSD

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Toshiba announced it will showcase a reference display of the world's first PCI Express (PCIe) single package SSD, integrating up to 256 GB in a single BGA package. 

The "BG Series" SSDs on reference display will be products under development. Utilizing Toshiba's cutting-edge packaging technology applied in products like e・MMC, it is the world's first PCI Express single package SSD, available in capacities up to 256 GB in a 16 mm x 20 mm x 1.65 mm BGA package. Also to be showcased will be a reference display of the world's smallest removable module type SSD, which integrates the BGA single package SSD on a single-sided form factor. The new SSDs incorporate PCI Express, a high speed serial I/O interface for PCs, as physical interface and NVM Express optimized for SSDs as command interface.

Outline of the Reference Display

BG Series

Form Factor   Single Package type
Capacity   128 GB   256 GB
Size   W   16 mm   16 mm
  D   20 mm   20 mm
  H   1.40 mm   1.65 mm
Interface Standard   Physical   PCI Express Base Specification Revision 3.0
  Command   NVM Express revision 1.1

The single package type SSDs of the new series weigh below 1 g, reducing weight by approximately 98%, compared to 2.5-inch types widely used in PCs. It also reduces storage space by more than 95%. It can contribute to light-weight mobile PCs and also to longer battery life by increasing available space for battery packs.

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