Toshiba shows 1 chip NVMe SSD with 64 layer 3D NAND

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Yeah, you can store a lot of GBs onto one Nand package with 64-layer NAND. Meet the future of your storage, the new BG3 series, and ultra small single chip NVME based M2 SSD passing 1500 MB/s.

These units have a small SLC written partition amd comnined they reach 1,520 MB/sec while writing 840 MB/sec is realized on sustianed workloads. Pretty amazing stuff for just one chip.

The new BG series solid state drive (SSD) family features BiCS FLASH with 3-bit-per-cell TLC (triple-level cell) technology and Toshiba’s new single-package ball grid array (BGA) NVMe PCI Express (PCIe) Gen3 x2 SSD.

The new BG3 series SSDs utilizes the features of PCI EXPRESS® (PCIe®) Gen3 x 2lanes and NVMeTM Revision 1.2.1 architecture. They are also equipped with a Host Memory Buffer (HMB) feature[1], which uses the host memory to substitute for DRAMs, saving power and space, and supporting developers of compact devices who must achieve a balance between high performance and low power consumption. Also, the combined benefits of SLC cache features, improved flash management and flash memory performance add up to deliver performance of up to 1520MB/s sequential read and 840MB/s sequential write.

The new BG3 series will be available in three capacities, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB[3]. Each capacity is aligned with the industry’s smallest-class SSD form factors[4], the surface-mount 16mm x 20mm x 1.5mm single package M.2 1620[5] and the removable M.2 2230 module. The BG3 series has more compact dimensions than previous generation products, with 128GB and 256GB single package models conforming to the thin 1.35mm of M.2 1620-S2 and 512GB single package models conforming to the 1.5mm of M.2 1620-S3. This will help to promote development of new designs for advanced mobile and embedded devices, including thin mobile PCs and tablets. Also, due to their compact size and low power consumption, the BG3 SSDs can also be applied to power and space-sensitive server-boot storage in data centers.

The Toshiba BG SSD Family will be available in 128GB, 256GB or 512GB capacities in both a 16mm x 20mm package (M.2 Type 1620) or a removable M.2 Type 2230 module. 

Toshiba shows 1 chip NVMe SSD with 64 layer 3D NAND

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