Thrustmaster Announces Next Generation ESWAP Mini-Sticks & Packs

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Thrustmaster is thrilled to be adding to the product's ecosystem with the launch of the ESWAP LED CRYSTAL PACKS, available in two different eye-catching colors: orange or blue.

Featuring impressive changes both in terms of the modules' outward appearance and inner workings, Thrustmaster is once again making a big impression on the industry, and doubling down on its commitment to helping all gamers in their quest toward the upper echelons of multiplayer gaming rankings.

The ESWAP LED CRYSTAL PACKS feature next-generation (NXG) analog mini-sticks: the ESWAP S5 NXG MINI-STICK MODULE. These new mini-sticks ensure enhanced precision and a longer lifespan in relation to previous Thrustmaster mini-sticks. Gamers will enjoy better physical resistance (+33%), improved re-centering precision (+66%), and double the lifespan for the built-in mini-stick buttons (+100%), compared with previous mini-sticks in Thrustmaster's range of gamepads. For gamers who don't necessarily want to buy a complete new pack of modules, Thrustmaster is pleased to also be offering the ESWAP S2 NXG MINI-STICK MODULE, available for purchase individually: a next-generation (NXG) replica of the ESWAP Classic Mini-Stick Module, for a great fit with every gamer's needs.

Key Features

  • The first pack of transparent, backlit modules for ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER (with adjustable backlighting feature).
  • New next-generation (NXG) mini-sticks: a longer lifespan, and greater precision.
  • T-MOD technology and Hot Swap feature lets you swap a module with any other — at any point in a game.
  • Extremely high-precision modules and action buttons, with minimal response times, thanks to super-responsive tact switches with a long lifespan.
  • Free software for PS4 and PC (Windows 10) gamers: adjust all of the gamepad's important settings (gaming presets, remapping, sensitivity, vibrations, etc.).

Pricing & Availability

  • The ESWAP LED ORANGE CRYSTAL PACK and the ESWAP LED BLUE CRYSTAL PACK will be available as of December 2, 2020, at a suggested retail price of £44.99 / €49.99 each.
  • The ESWAP S2 NXG MINI-STICK MODULE will also be available from December 2, 2020, at the same suggested retail price as its predecessor (the ESWAP Classic Mini-Stick Module): £18.99 / €19.99.

To go along with this huge leap forward in terms of the next-generation NXG analog mini-sticks, Thrustmaster has also developed brand-new transparent, backlit modules. The striking color of these modules, designed for competitive gamers looking to make their way up the rankings, pays tribute to the proud rivalries in the world of multiplayer gaming. ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER owners can now show off the color of their favorite team at all times, while taking advantage of significant improvements that will give them a boost in their quest for greatness — no matter what their gaming style. The backlighting can be set at three different levels (0%, 50% or 100%): this lets gamers enjoy their backlit modules during the day, and at night as well, with just the right amount of intensity. The backlighting adjustment feature is available on three modules: the two mini-sticks, and the D-pad. As was the case with previous packs in the ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER ecosystem, a second set of caps for the mini-sticks is included, allowing gamers to choose their favorite shape (convex or concave). The ultra-soft grips included in the pack have been designed with hardcore gamers in mind — ensuring a completely new level of handling, and optimal comfort throughout even the longest gaming sessions.

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