This is Intels new RM1 stock cooler for Alder Lake-S 65W (updated)

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There has been a rumor that Intel was making new coolers for 65W CPU coolers based on the Alder Lake architecture. It looks like this is true. The new cooler has been shown for the first time, as @momomo us said. 

There was already a leak of the Laminar RM1 cooler back in September. This one has the same look. None of the 12th-generation Core "Alder Lake K" chips from Intel come boxed. They have a 125W TDP by default. For those, powerful AIO cooling systems should be used. However, the new non-K series with PL1 set to 65W may be cooled by air-coolers. RM1 is a short cooler with an LED strip around the fan. What hasn't been confirmed yet is which CPUs will come with the new coolers. Based on previous leaks, the RM1 cooler will be available with up to Core i7 65W CPUs. Intel is set to show off its 65W and 35W Alder Lake-S processors at its CES 2022 press conference on January 4 alongside H670/B660 and H610 motherboards.

Updated: new photos added.

This is Intels new RM1 stock cooler for Alder Lake-S 65W (updated)

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