This 2WAY bench table mini-ITX is pretty in Pink

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Sangyo launched the Mini-ITX compatible benchmark table "2WAY Benchmark mini-ITX." There are two shades available: black and pink.

It is a modification model of the "2WAY bench table" that can be used as a horizontal benchmark stand or a vertical display stand, and the cable management hall and other components have been adjusted for Mini-ITX motherboards. Additionally, a two-way structure stud bolt is attached, which is compatible with both male and female sides and can be readily fitted by just inserting the motherboard on the male side. Additionally, a rail mount system is used around the perimeter to allow for flexible mounting of fans and radiators.

Storage can be expanded up to four 2.5-inch drives, two expansion slots can be inserted, and the power supply unit can be provided with an ATX power supply unit with a depth of 160 mm. The main body measures 300 mm wide, 215 mm deep, 260 mm high, and weighs 1.4 kg when built horizontally. The chassis is constructed of 1.6 mm thick steel (split type L-shaped slot metal fittings 2.0 mm thick).

The units sit in a 115 USD price bracket.

This 2WAY bench table mini-ITX is pretty in Pink

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