Thermaltake Fanless 330 passive VGA cooler

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The passive design of Thermaltake Fanless 330 0dBA VGA Cooler offers the absolute quiet operation environment for all the gamers and graphic designers who especially require supports of high end graphic cards. Beside the silent operation, three heatsink modules on SpinQ to dissipate GPU heat, and 4 efficient copper heatpipes speeding up the heat transfer.

The mirror coating base also ensures these well designed cooling structures on Fanless 330 are in perfect contact with the GPU. Fanless 330 0dBA VGA Cooler, the new passive graphic card cooler from Thermaltake, has the most unique mechanical design never seen on the market. It does not just offer 0bBA operating environment, but great cooling performance and distinguishing style too! Thermaltake 330 0dBA VGA Cooler measures 180mm x 123.2mm x 68.6mm and weigh 260g.

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