Thermalright releases Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK CPU Cooler with Dual Fan Configuration

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Thermalright introduced the Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK, a side-flow type CPU cooler featuring a dual fan setup. This product launch presents an efficient cooling solution aimed at optimizing CPU performance while minimizing space usage and avoiding memory slot interference. The Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK incorporates a slim heatsink with a thickness of 52mm, which is designed to reduce potential interference with adjacent memory slots. This heatsink is equipped with six heat pipes, each 6mm in diameter, effectively enhancing the heat dissipation capabilities of the setup. Surrounding the heatsink, the cooler utilizes two 120mm fans, model TL-C12B V2, which employ Sealed Fluid Dynamic Bearing (S-FDB) technology to optimize performance and durability.

The fans are designed to operate at a maximum rotational speed of 1,500 rpm, with a tolerance of plus or minus 10%. These fans can produce a maximum airflow of 66.17 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and a static pressure of up to 1.53 mmH2O. The noise level is capped at a maximum of 25.6 dBA, balancing efficiency with acoustics. Each fan is connected via a 4-pin PWM connector, allowing for variable speed control based on thermal loads. This CPU cooler supports a range of CPU socket types, making it compatible with Intel LGA1700, LGA1200, and LGA115x platforms, as well as AMD's AM5 and AM4 sockets. The dimensions of the heatsink are 124mm in width, 52mm in depth, and 156mm in height, making it a compact solution for systems where space is at a premium.

Thermalright offers a six-year manufacturer warranty for the Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK.

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