The Silencio 550 from Cooler Master

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Merging style and silence with strength, Cooler Master ushers in a new era of silent towers by introducing their newest case: The Silencio 550. Enveloped in a cool-black steel case, this new case holds the capacity to support the most demanding computing configuration. Fronted by a mirrored high-gloss panel, the finish is enriched with the class and elegance only embraced by Cooler Master products.

The dominating part of the Silencio 550 is, as the name already suggests, the very low sound it produces when the case is turned on. Insulated with silencing foam padding internally on both sides cancels the noise made by the slight reverberations of the fans and the whirrs and clicks of hard drives. Combine this with a solid-steel unshakable frame, shiftless rubber feet and two Cooler Master low noise fans and you will get a chassis which you will hardly hear when it is on; perfect for those who value peace and quiet as a must in the computing environment.

Beneath the Silencio 550

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