The PC turns 30 today

Today, Friday is the 30th anniversary of the first IBM PC, model number 5150.

This first "PC" ran the first version of DOS (1.0, of course),  a 4.77MHz Intel 8088 processor and had a maximum RAM capacity of 512 kilobytes but came with 16KB of memory and had a base price of $1,265 being a beige box without a monitor, serial or parallel ports or even a hard disk. The IBM PC arrived years after revolutionary microcomputers like the Apple II (1977), the Commodore Pet (1977) or the Atari 800 (1979) hit hobbyists and small business.

Although the term "personal computer" had been used to describe earlier computers - such as the Commodore PET, the Apple II and the TRS-80 - the term "PC" became synonymous with "IBM clones," IBM compatible computers that ran DOS.

Because it was the first computer to have widespread consumer success, the IBM 5150 was the first computer many people ever used. 
Let us your story about the first time you used a computer. Was your first computer an early IBM clone? Or were you into computers in the time of punch cards? Or perhaps the 5150 is well before your time. Let us know in the comments below or in the forums.

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