The BlackFrore CPU Cooler from GELID is now available.

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GELID  has unveiled the latest high-performance CPU cooler for AMD and Intel processors. The GELID Solutions GAMER product range includes the BlackFrore. 

The BlackFrore is equipped with an innovative heatsink that accommodates two power heat pipes and is equipped with Heatpipe Direct Contact (HDC) Technology, which ensures excellent thermal contact and facilitates heat transmission between the CPU and the heat pipes during operation. Aside from that, the High-Class Black Electrophoretic Coating is a new feature of the BlackFrore that ensures top-grade surface finishing of the heatsink, creates an amazing look and feel, and increases longevity.

The heatsink is complemented by an upgraded 92 mm fan with Smart PWM (Pulse Width Module) Control and an impeller that has been tuned for airflow. When additional cooling is required, the newly designed impeller ensures that airflow is distributed efficiently over the heatsink. The sophisticated PWM Curve approach keeps the fans running quietly at all times while increasing speed when necessary. There is also a high-performance GC-Pro thermal compound as well as an all-in-one mounting kit for multiple AMD CPU sockets, such as the AMD2, AMD2+, AMD3, AM3+, AM4, FM1, FM2, as well as for Intel CPU sockets, such as the LGA 775 and the Intel LGA 1366 sockets, as well as the Intel LGA 1155 and 1156 sockets.

"BlackFrore brings the features of top-notch CPU coolers to the mainstream. It delivers lightweight build, ensures super easy installation and supports the latest CPU series of AMD and Intel designed for gaming computers and business workstations", said Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd.

The BlackFrore is currently available for purchase at a suggested retail price of USD 16.99 or Euro 13.99.

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