Tesoro Tizona Elite G2NFL mechanical keyboards

Tesoro will be releasing new products targeted to professional gamers and will announce new technology used in its mechanical keyboards during Computex IT Show in Taipei, from June 3rd to June 7th.

During the show, Tesoro will release new products: Tizona Elite G2NFL - world first 80% mechanical keyboard with full color LED with detachable Tizona Elite Numpads G2NFLP - world first full color programmable mechanical numerical pads. Furthermore, Tesoro will launch its new aggressive high quality mechanical keyboard Excalibur G7NL, which comes with built in memory, macro recording and LED lighting at the price range easily available to most users.

Additionally to the keyboards, Tesoro will release new model of its popular gaming mouse: Shrike V2. It will feature new colors, new coating and new specs. Tesoro Gandiva will also receive a lift up, improving on the most requested features requested by end users during its initial launch back at the beginning of this year.

Kuven Pro and Olivant will also make its premiere during Computex show. Kuven Pro is more advanced version of Tesoro Kuven headset, featuring true 5.1 speakers, while Olivant is Tesoro first in-ear headphones. Olivant will have a new revolutionary technology - it is the very first in-ear headphones to be available with dual-drivers: 15 mm and 7 mm in one ear piece. Dual-driver technology improves quality of the sound exponentially and allows separate drivers for bass control, outpacing the quality of standard gaming headsets.

Additionally, Tesoro will announce its new technology for mechanical keyboards. It will demonstrate full color single key illumination for mechanical keyboards allowing users to choose which keys should light up at any given time per profile, in any color possible (full RGB.) This will allow end user to control every single key independently and create game zones, or individual variation in LED colors of their choosing.

Lastly, Tesoro will announce its first gaming cases under Tesoro Casing.

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