TEAMGROUP Unveils High-Capacity Non-Binary DDR5 Overclocking Memory Modules

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TEAMGROUP has announced that its gaming-focused T-FORCE and creator-centric T-CREATE brands will be launching high-capacity, non-binary DDR5 overclocking memory modules in 24GB and 48GB variants.

In collaboration with major motherboard manufacturers, the company has completed compatibility testing with Intel 700 and 600 series motherboards to ensure optimal performance and frequency advancements. These modules will not only support XMP 3.0 but also be available in various frequencies of 6,000MHz and above, making them the fastest high-capacity non-binary DDR5 memory modules on the market. Boasting impressive compatibility, capacity, and speed, these memory modules are the ideal RAM upgrades for gamers and creators alike.

T-FORCE LAB is dedicated to providing high-performance and highly compatible products for gamers, with the T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 leading the way. The brand is launching 48GB (2x24GB) dual-channel kits in frequencies of 6,000MHz, 6,400MHz, 6,800MHz, 7,200MHz, 7,600MHz, and 8,000MHz, enabling even two-slot motherboards to leverage large capacities for an enhanced gaming experience. The latest 2x24GB dual-channel kit from T-FORCE supports Intel XMP 3.0, allowing gamers to enjoy improved system performance by simply enabling XMP 3.0 overclocking in the BIOS.

T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 desktop memory is tailored for creative professionals. While already available in 64GB (2x32GB) dual-channel kits running at 6,000MHz and 6,400MHz, T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 will now also offer a 6,800MHz variant, a 96GB (2x48GB) dual-channel kit with all aforementioned frequencies, and a new 96GB (4x24GB) four-module kit with speeds of 6,000MHz and 6,400MHz. The memory's stability, large capacity, and impressive performance make it ideal for ultra-high-definition image editing, professional 3D graphics software, and complex operations and computing, allowing creators to fully express their creativity.

TEAMGROUP continues to push industry boundaries with its innovative technology, providing hardcore overclockers and professional creators with the exceptional speed and large capacity of next-generation memory modules. T-FORCE and T-CREATE's 24GB/48GB memory modules will be available worldwide in early May 2023. For the latest updates, stay tuned to TEAMGROUP's official website and social media channels.

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