Team Guru3D shatters 3DMark 06 World Record 39k points!

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Our in-house overclocker Bodar finally did it, he was able to crush the 3DMark 06 world record for team guru3d! We have some photos of before and after. Bodar managed an amazing score of 39349 points, which in fact is a new world-record as measured on hwbot.

Bodar also managed a P score of 44015 points(!) in 3DMark Vantage. And to top it off, he crushed some 3DMark03 numbers while he was at it -- That score ended up being 182,000 points. And apparently that was without really overclocking the graphics cards at all.

To be able to achieve all is he cooled down the processor with LN2 and started some serious overclocking. The processor used was a Intel Xeon W3680 (six-core) clocked towards roughly 5400 MHz on 1.8 Volts. Motherboard used was the Gigabyte X58A-UD7. Here are some validation links on his earlier 40k attempts.

On the graphics card side Bodar used a Radeon HD 5970 card in combo with two Radeon 5870 cards all clocked at 850 MHz with 4800 MHz on the v-memory. Very nice. Later on we'll have a video available of the LN2 overclocking process. For now here are some photo's and screenshots.

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