Team Group Releases MP34 M.2 solid state drive (3000MB/s)

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Team Group today releases three new FLASH products. They are the MP34 M.2 solid state drive with PCIe Gen3X4 high speed interface and the latest NVME1.3 protocol, the ELITE A1 high-speed memory card which is specially made for ANDROID devices and 4K video recording, the C188 high-speed flash drive with elegant design and up to 130MB/s of read/write speed. 

Team Group releases the M.2 solid state drive MP34 that uses PCIe Gen3X4 high-speed interface and the latest NVMe1.3 protocol. Connecting to the built-in controller of the chipset and processor through PCI-e bus provides transfer signal without any lag. The transfer performance is remarkable. The transfer speed of MP34 is up to 3000MB/s, which is 5 times* higher than the SATA III interface. It supports S.M.A.R.T and has built-in smart algorithm, Wear-Leveling technology and Error Correction Code. In addition to bring the SSD to its maximum performance and prolong the service life, it also supports both Intel and AMD platforms. Whether it is installed on a desktop or a laptop, it will offer consumer the finest and smoothest gaming experience. With the support of PCIe bus bandwidth, it can offer a transfer speed of at least 2000MB/s, or up to over 3000MB/s.

The ELITE A1 high-speed memory card for 4K belongs to UHS-I Class3 (U3), which is specially made for ANDROID devices and tablets. The random read speed is up to 1500 IOPS, and the random write speed is up to 500 IOPS. For storage capacity, there is 256GB available to choose from, which allows the applications of mobile device to be executed at high speed and without worrying about the capacity of installed applications. The ELITE A1 high-speed memory card supports 4K Ultra-HD high quality recording capability, which allows consumers record and capture wonderful moments smoothly and easily. In addition to its stunning appearance, the ELITE A1 high-speed memory card is printed with eco-friendly inks to contribute in preserving our planet.

The round and elegant C188 3.1 high-speed flash drive has excellent texture, and a perfect combination of indigo color tone and premium golden character flash. The beveled design of the C188 high-speed flash drive has upgraded the overall texture by creating a sleek handheld feeling. The classic design of Team Group’s previous retractable flash drives is continued, but the performance and the transfer speed of the flash drive is evolved to a totally different level than the previous ones. The C188 offers capacities from 32GB to maximum 256GB for consumers to choose from according to their own preference. The read/write performance is up to 130MB/s, which can greatly reduce the time for file accessing. The superb performance allows consumers to back up their file at ease and treasure their memory long into the future.

*Transmission speed will vary according to different hardware / software conditions, therefore the data can only used for basic reference.

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