Sysadmin nicked nearly 20,000 pieces of kit

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hah, fun story at the Inquirer today. Well, not so funny if you are the company owner though. A system administrator who had worked at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC plead guilty in federal court on Wednesday to stealing 19,709 pieces of computer gear and supplies over an approximately ten year period ending in 2007.

Court documents said the swag looted by Victor Papagno was valued at over $120,000 and included a wide variety of items, from printer toner and software to hard drives, personal computers and other pieces of office equipment.

A local TV station reported that Papagno boosted so much stuff over the years that at times he had to store some of it at neighbors' houses.

Reportedly no national security information was compromised by the thefts, but personal data belonging to 14 laboratory workers was stolen and those people have been notified.

Papagno is looking at up to two years in federal prison when he is sentenced in December [via Inquirer].

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