Synology has shown off a small, cost-effective FlashStation FS2500 and the newest SATA SSDs.

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Synology announced today that its new all-flash server, the FlashStation FS2500, is now available. It also added SAT5210 drives to its SATA SSDs, which are now faster. 

The FS2500 is designed for businesses that need fast and low-latency storage for things like virtual machines and post-production work. The 1U chassis has 12 2.5" SATA bays, giving it enough space and making it easy to install. More than 170,000/82,000 4K random read and write speeds are possible with this device. It has two 10 GbE ports and room for 10/25 GbE expansion.

Synology's SATA SSD drives were released last year to meet more and more strict standards for reliability and sustained performance. They have proven to be a reliable way to power IT operations in a wide range of high-demanding situations. Synology drives are made with the help of all the engineers who work on each storage system to make sure that the hardware and software work together. Because of this, it also comes up with new features and ways to improve things that would not have been possible without it.

SAT5210 SATA SSDs have the best consistency and reliability in their class for all-flash storage and caching. For IT teams, lifetime analytics are based on real-world workloads, giving them more accurate and easy-to-understand information. Future drive firmware updates will also be delivered through Synology DSM, so there will be little disruption.

People who work with Synology can buy the FS2500 and SAT5210 SATA SSDs right now from Synology's resellers and partners.

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