Synology DS3617xs 2-bay DiskStation-NAS has Xeon D-SoC

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They have already intoduced several RackStations, but the new DS3617xs certainly is a nice one. This 12-bay NAS has been fitted with a Intel Xeon D 1527that has four cores at 2.2 GHz that can boost towards 2.7 GHz.

The DS3617xs  also has plenty of memory, 16GB of it (DDR4) with ECC error correction. Optionally you can even expand that towwards 48 GB. This unit offers performance at over 2,358 MB/s sequential throughput reading and 406,760 IOPS reading under a RAID 5 configuration with 10GbE Link Aggregation enabled. DS3617xs comes with one PCIe 3.0 slot that supports a high-speed Network Interface Card (NIC). 

“We’ve seen strong interest and demand from our customers in this business-ready desktop NAS model for its painless deployment and flexible scalability.” said Michael Wang, Product Manager at Synology Inc. “This time we’ve doubled the default RAM capacity of DS3617xs to 16GB and enable upgradability up to 48GB for businesses to utilise.”  

The DS3617xs is designed to cope with future growth in an effortless fashion. With two Synology Expansion Unit DX1215 connected, DS3617xs offers an easy way to immediately scale up to 36 drives. DS3617xs also provides seamless storage solutions for virtualisation environments including VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, and OpenStack.  

DS3617xs runs on DiskStation Manager (DSM), the most advanced and intuitive operating system for network-attached storage devices that offers a wide range of applications to bring better productivity at work. 

You will however be looking at a steep 2500 euro. More information   

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