Synology C2 Password: Free Password Manager based on AES 256 Encryption

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Synology provided additional information about its new C2 cloud services a month ago, in conjunction to the release of DiskStation Manager 7.0. The nas maker, for example, stated that the free edition of C2 Password would be launched in July, followed by the premium variant in October (with more features). 

Even if you don't possess a Synology device, you may now use the new password manager. Not only can this web-based application be used to generate and save passwords, it can also monitor critical information, such as addresses or banking details. In addition, other helpful capabilities include applying a watermark to text or photos when transferring files. This saved data is secured using AES 256-bit encryption and is stored on a Synology server.

C2 Password supports synchronization for use on multiple devices, although the service can only be used via a browser for the time being. There is a plug-in available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The iOS app is expected to be available around the end of the year, while Android users will have to wait until early next year. If you want to get started with the password manager, you can register via this link.  The free plan for C2 Password is available now.

Synology C2 Password: Free Password Manager based on AES 256 Encryption

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