Synology On Intel Atom C2000 Issues Calls it Rare

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A little while ago we reported that is Intel having issues with the Intel Atom C2000 series processors, bricking hardware. Cisco already reserved 200m for dealing and fixing the issues. Synology didn't react just yet, until today thats is. After in-depth investigation, the possibility of seeing accelerated degradation of a certain processor component is rare after prolonged and heavy usage.

This erratum is not known to cause data loss, nor any safety hazards. Based on hundreds of thousands of shipped products equipped with Intel C2538 processors since 2014, Synology has not seen any abnormal error rates compared to products equipped with different Intel processors.

As of today, all products equipped with Intel C2538 processors are performing in-line with Synology's quality standards. As a testament to our confidence in Synology's product reliability, we are extending the warranty for Intel C2538 based products by an additional year. A dedicated service email, has also been implemented for further questions.

Important Notes:
  • The 1-year extended warranty only covers DS415+, DS1515+ DS1815+, DS2415+, RS815(RP)+, and RS2416(RP)+.
  • Since February 2017, suggested improvements from Intel are incorporated into current and future C2538 based hardware platform.
  • Intel & Atom are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation.

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