Swiftech H20-X20 Edge Series High-Performance Liquid Cooling Kit

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Rouchon Industries, Inc. dba Swiftech today announced the release of the H20-X20 EDGE series of "all-in-one" liquid cooling kits. The kits are composed of a patent pending heat exchanger combining pump and reservoir, and a CPU waterblock, which considerably simplifies the task of installation for the users. The patent pending heat exchangers called MCR Drive (Rev2) come in two sizes: for dual 120mm fans and for triple 120mm fans; they incorporate a new high power pump with variable speed control managed by the motherboard. The Apogee XTL CPU water-block included in the kits is derived from Swiftech's award winning Apogee XT.

Swiftech is counting on the versatility and performance superiority of their kits 'design to attract an expanded range of users. A key factor with respect to versatility is the kit's ability to easily support additional devices such as liquid cooled graphics coolers or extra radiators which is a must-have among power users; the extremely broad performance range of the H20-X20 kits is of equal importance in terms of competitive advantage, as the kits can be tuned to satisfy both ends of the users 'spectrum: from silent operations to extreme cooling; and finally the ease of installation is expected to appeal to quality oriented first-time users.

Capitalizing on 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing liquid cooling systems, Swiftech also turbo-charges user-support by including multiple sets of accessories to accommodate various installation strategies, and they provide one of the most comprehensive installation guides in the industry which includes dozens of fully detailed pre-built 3D models.

"While Swiftech's Ultra, Ultima and Apex series of liquid cooling kits have set the performance standard among power users for the past 5 years, the Edge series combine equal or superior performance with the new triple radiator, a broader gamut of utilizations, and most of all a stupendous ease of installation that will appeal to anyone willing to make the jump into serious liquid cooling" said Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech's Chairman and CTA.


  • H20-220 EDGE: $309.95
  • H20-320 EDGE: $339.95

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