Surprising Discovery: Coldplay Lyrics Found in Kingston SSD Firmware

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Iowa-based security researcher Nicholas Starke recently made an unusual discovery within the firmware of Kingston SSDs. While conducting a research project, Starke encountered an unexpected inclusion in the code of specific models—lyrics from the acclaimed British band, Coldplay.

Sharing his intriguing findings with Bleeping Computer, Starke showcased the firmware version SKC2000_S2681103, which was released in January 2020 and primarily intended for models such as the Kingston KC2000.

Interestingly, as Starke examined the bin file, he noticed that segments of Coldplay's song 'The Scientist,' along with the precise title and 2002 release year, were embedded within the code. Starke expressed his bewilderment, confessing, "I have absolutely no idea why the text is in the firmware." The incorporation of song lyrics into such deeply embedded firmware adds a mysterious twist to the situation. Bleeping Computer has speculated on possible reasons behind this unusual addition, suggesting it could be test data or even a light-hearted joke by the developers.

Surprising Discovery: Coldplay Lyrics Found in Kingston SSD Firmware

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