Substantial FPS difference between Resident Evil Village cracked vs DRM ON

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A couple of weeks ago EMPRESS cracked Resident Evil Village, which led to many performance comparisons, indicating that the game had severe performance difficulties on mid-scale PCs.

With an Intel Core i7-7700 processor with 4 cores and 8 threads and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 of 6 GB GDDR5 some tests were done. The main problem is that the DRM tries to constantly verify that the copy that is being played is legal, and that is why when this check is made there is some stuttering, which is very noticeable in less powerful equipment.

The legal version reached 6.2 FPS of minimum, while in the cracked version it was 51 FPS , that is, almost 45 FPS of difference (44.9 FPS). If we take the total FPS average, the original version offers 51.1 FPS compared to 65 FPS of the pirated version, +13.9 FPS for using a crack, a huge difference for users with mid-range PCs.

“This game is using Denuvo v11 + Capcom Anti-Tamper v3. The first problem is that the Denuvo v11 has massive changes compared to v10, to which is added that Capcom's DRM is integrated into the Denuvo VM and one of its jobs is to verify the integrity of the Denuvo code and its own. in strategic places. If the check fails, this will cause an in-game trigger that can occur after ~ 10 minutes of play or in certain scenes.

Why do you think that when you kill a zombie in the game there is a little micro stuttering, which is especially felt on older CPUs. Because Capcom decided to put one of their heavy obfuscated check loops on the Denuvo VM which takes a lot of CPU time to run. "

Substantial FPS difference between Resident Evil Village cracked vs DRM ON

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