Steam Hardware Survey Shows AMD Utilizing Ground to Intel fast

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There are some fascinating movements to see in the Steam hardware survey, AMD is on the move with Ryzen, as numbers are rising with statistically significant numbers. All is a bit expected of course, for statistical values to move so fast certainly is fascinating to observe.

The Steam hardware survey shows all relevant technical data from things like DirectX API adoption and the market share of processors. The numbers are big, and for anything to move statistically, numbers need to be seriously bigger. We like the Steam hardware survey as it represents the PC gaming community, you guys. Of course, numbers would be completely different if they had been based on, say, business workloads. So the numbers are statistically relevant for PC gamers only.

When you compare the data with a couple of months ago, AMD has risen in numbers on the Windows platform. I can remember a year or two ago. This value was 16% market share, even 8% back in January 2018. AMD now sits at almost 27% market share. You need to move a lot of processors for these values to increase.

Also interesting is the GPU side of things; here, AMD gained share, but it's a bit average at 16%. NVIDIA is firm, with a 74% market share; the rest is for Intel.

Totally fascinating to see is how many people still are using quad-core processors. This indicates how fast end-users really update towards a new processor. Even a lot of duo-core procs are in there; combined, they hold 62% if the pie, whereas 8,6 and other CPUs hold 38% of the share; that would be the Guru3D reader base ;)

Fun facts ;)

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