Star Citizen raised over $300 million USD to date

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And the game is still an Alpha. We've been discussing the tactics and revenue stream for Star Citizen quite a number of times. Is it a cash-cow for thehigh-ranking people or not? Well, whatever they do, the business model is working as to date earned over 300,000.000 million USD in donations.

During Corona, with everybody at home and a free to play time-frame, there has been a spike in donations, a proper 15 million was raised that month totaling 301,031.379 USD to date.

A Starter Pack costs $45 to start the game. Star Citizen is still in alpha phase, version 3.9. A separate single-player story in the form of Squadron 48 is also in the works; a beta of finally after all these years would be released in the third quarter of this year.

If you ask me, yeah, this game will never be released in full or see a final build. The crowdfunding campaign for started in 2012. Players can still pledge money. This can be done by purchasing the alpha version of the game and by spending money on virtual spaceships in the game. Prices start at a few tens of dollars and can go up to thousands of dollars.

Star Citizen raised over $300 million USD to date

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