SSD prices drop while HDD prices are on the rise

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DigiTimes writes prices of solid state disks have dropped 10-15 percent since early in the second half of 2010 while hard disk drive prices have seen their prices increase by up to 4-5 percent on some models in the fourth quarter. The price difference between both storage technologies is still very high though, the average SSD still costs ten times as much as traditional HDDs.
Solid State Drive (SSD) makers including Intel and Adata Technology have been gradually dropping their SSD price since early in the second half of 2010 by about 10-15% in the hopes of increasing the market penetration rate. However, hard drive makers on the other hand, have seen their prices increase in the fourth quarter.

NAND flash prices continues to drop and players including Micron, Intel, Samsung Electronics, Toshiba and Hynix are advancing into developing 20nm processes, and the related price drops of SSDs should stimulate demand for the year-end holidays.

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