SSD Makers start warning that Mining Products Like Chia Coin Will Void Warranty

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A new trend in cryptocurrency mining is using SSDs for Chia Coins mining. And that can heavily affect the lifespan of an SSD. The first manufacturers now have started altering Warranty claims.

The mining of the Chia Coin cryptocurrency will cause significant wear and tear on SSDs, GALAX has issued a warning to customers:

“If users use our SSDs for mining/farming and other abnormal operations, the data writing volume is much higher than the standard for daily use, and the SSD will slow down or get damaged due to excessive data writing volume. Due to the tests carried out, the damages are qualitative according to the test results, and that is why according to the quality assurance standards of our SSDs, we have the right to refuse to provide warranty services. The right of final interpretation belongs to the company. "

With ChiaCoin, instead of solving equations, a miner's requirement is to store data on their storage devices. This is known as farming, rather than mining. The faster someone can store files, and the more quantity they can store, the higher the chance of getting their compensation from the network. 

Chia Coin cryptocurrency is gaining great popularity in the Asia Pacific region, especially in China. Chia Coin extraction requires large amounts of free space in addition to executing many read and write operations.  Here durability is as important as speed, which is why consumer SSDs are not the best choice for mini.  Some Chinese manufacturers have announced SSDs and mining-specific storage devices that are currently in mass production and expected to be released soon, but they could just be normal products that only have a mining-friendly label.


SSD Makers start warning that Mining Products Like Chia Coin Will Void Warranty

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