Spotted: i3 dual-core for X299

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Wowzers, just when you think things could not be any different, they do. Over at Chinese Baidu  forum a prototype of a dual-core Intel i3-7360X appeared. So here you have the X299 motherboard at what 350 USD with socket LGA2066. And then you put a dual-core proc on there worth a few tenners?

It however seems to be a prototype processor, likely it never made or will be released. The i3-7350K has a 4.3GHz clock with a 4MB L3 cache. Apparently when you dig a little deeper, the price for the proc would be above the 200 USD range.

Here's the Shinglish translation by Google:

i3-7360X specifications are dual-core four threads, clocked at 4.3GHz, higher than the i3-7350K 0.1GHz frequency, L3 cache 4MB, TDP112W, LGA2066 interface. 
In addition, i3-7360X also cut off the core graphics card, memory only supports dual-channel, PCI-E channel only 16. Its official price is $ 220 (about 1699 yuan), the price is not cheap.  On the positioning, i3-7360X in the X299 platform is the lowest positioning of the CPU, lower than the i5-7640X a grade. 

I could not find the precise originating source, but the post was referring to a Swedish website.


Spotted: i3 dual-core for X299

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