Sparkle Introduces TBX-750FA-V2 External GPU Box with High-End Graphics Support

Meet the Sparkle Computer external GPU box, model "TBX-750FA-V2." Designed to accommodate high-end graphics cards, this device features a built-in 750W power supply capable of supporting both the GPU and a connected laptop. The TBX-750FA-V2, which connects via Thunderbolt 3, allows users to enhance their notebook PCs by installing standard graphics cards or SSDs that support PCI Express. This external GPU box supports cards up to 346 mm in length, 170 mm in width, and 77 mm in thickness, and it provides up to 500W of power specifically for the graphics card.

 Scheduled for market release on April 19, the TBX-750FA-V2 is priced at approximately $350. Additional features include a Thunderbolt 3 upstream port, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, one Gigabit LAN port, and USB Power Delivery up to 85W to simultaneously power a notebook PC. This device is tailored for users looking to boost their computer's graphics performance and add high-speed storage capabilities.

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