Sony to launch 4K TVs this month and a 4k-mediaplayer

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Sony has announced the prices of its 4k resolution TVs. The cheapest model will cost roughly 5000 USD, 3900 EUR. The top of the line 65" model XBR-65X900A will cost roughly 2000 USD more. Both the 65" and 55" models make use of what is called 4K X-Reality Pro-technology to upscale media streams towards 4 K. The TVs will also get NFC to easily connect smartphones and tablets to the panels.  For the 4k-tvs Sony will make use of quantumdot-technology, called Color IQ. With a so called 'Triluminos'-display is is possible to make use of a wider color-spectrum.

Triluminos is pretty scarce for the time being, the marketing spiel promises richer, more accurate colours, with sample images illustrating improved colour shading and transitions—which would be no bad thing. Could these screen panels perhaps be using 10, 12 or even 14 bits rather than the usual 8 bits?

Sony's new TVs boast a new screen definition of 3840 x 2160 pixels, a sleek design, a couple of big 6 W speakers stuck on the sides (stuff all those skinny bezels!), a new 4K X-Reality PRO processor and—rather surprisingly—Edge LED backlighting!

Next to the TVs Sony will also launch a 4k-mediaplayer called the FMP-X1. It will cost 699 USD / 550 EUR and yes, does look like a hockey-puck, well or maybe a roomba dust-robot ;) The price includes ten 4K movies .

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