Sonnet Technologies Unveils Dual 25 Gigabit LAN Adapters: Twin25G PCIe Card

The Twin25G LAN adapter is a versatile, dual 25 gigabit solution with Thunderbolt 3 compatibility. It features two Thunderbolt 3 ports, allowing users to connect additional displays and devices with ease.

California-based Sonnet Technologies unveiled their new products, the "Twin25G" dual 25 gigabit LAN adapter (model number: TWIN25G-TB) and the "Twin25G PCIe Card" (model number: G25E-2X-E3), on April 17, 2023. Powered by a Mellanox ConnectX controller, the Twin25G measures 103mm in width, 213mm in depth, and 73mm in height, weighing in at 1.34kg. Included with the product are a Thunderbolt 3 cable, power adapter, and two SFP28 sockets. The Twin25G PCIe Card is a dual 25 gigabit LAN adapter that supports both PCI Express 3.0 (x8) and PCI Express 3.0 (x4) connections. However, only one port will operate at full bandwidth when using the x4 connection.

Similar to the Twin25G LAN adapter, the PCIe Card also utilizes a Mellanox ConnectX controller and comes with a low-profile bracket and two SFP28 sockets.

The Twin25G (model number: TWIN25G-TB) is anticipated to have a market price of $899.99 (tax included) and will be gradually released starting in early May. For more information, visit

The Twin25G PCIe Card (model number: G25E-2X-E3) is expected to retail for $599.99 (tax included) and will also be available in early May. To learn more, visit

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