Some seriously cool stuff - eVGA SR2 Quad SLI

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Guru3D afficionado, David from the USA is one of these true Guru's who's spending a lot of time, effort, blood, sweat and dough on his hardware. Yesterday I received an email from him showing the intense kit he bought this time arround.

Check this out, he was able to secure a SR2 board from eVGA, popped two Xeon 5680 processor on there, got himself a little bit of high frequency memory and then added four GeForce GTX 480 cards which he equipped with Koolance LCS blocks.

Really, the only thing you can say here is .. holy bejeezzzus, (click on thumbnail please).

Later on yesterday he contacted us again, his CPU's where already purring steadily at 4 GHz and he made thius little video which I wanted to show you guys.You have NEVER seens Cinebench render that fast with 24 threads, Amazingf stuff David! Check out the video.

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