Some bugs in Win 10 (1803) fixed, others persist

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Computerworld continues their critical analysis of Windows 10: while Microsoft released a patch this week (KB 4284848) fixing two major bugs related to the SMBv1 protocol and Edge browser, they advise that Windows 10 1803 is still riddled with old problems. These include Intel NIC and VLAN issues, Chrome conflicts, and lack of home network connectivity.

-- ComputerWorld -- Microsoft may think that Win10 (1803) is ready for widespread deployment, but there are a few folks who would take issue with that stance. Yesterday, Microsoft finally released a fix for two big bugs that have dogged Win10 1803 since its inception. In theory, patch KB 4284848 fixes these acknowledged bugs:

  • Some users running Windows 10 version 1803 may receive the error "An invalid argument was supplied" when accessing files or running programs from a shared folder using the SMBv1 protocol.
  • Microsoft Edge may stop working when it initializes the download of a font from a malformed (not RFC compliant) URL.

In practice, life isn't so simple. WSUS (the Windows Update Server software) isn't "seeing" KB 4284848, as of late Wednesday afternoon - which may be a good thing.

Old problems remain in abundance. There are many reports of munged Intel NICs and VLAN problems after installing 1803. Josh Mayfield (whom you may recall from GWX days) reports that you're forced to set up a PIN during fresh installs. The ancient problem with restore partitions getting assigned drive letters on install remains. Chrome continues its indigestion with 1803, although Microsoft claims the latest patch cures all ills. None of this is acknowledged anywhere I can see.

One problem that has been acknowledged - but only by a Microsoft Agent on an Answers Forum post - says that installing 1803 can clobber your peer-to-peer network. That certainly matches my experience. With earlier versions of Win10, I'd fire up the Homegroup Troubleshooter and that usually solved the problem. Unfortunately, Microsoft discontinued Homegroups in version 1803.

Some bugs in Win 10 (1803) fixed, others persist

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