Skylake-X will be launched at Gamescom 2017

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While Kaby Lake is released early next month another processors series is already luring in its corner, the enthusiast platform Skylake-X and perhaps Kaby Lake-X series.

According to DigiTimes these puppies will get launched in Q3 2017, lining up with gamescom. The CPUs will require you to AGAIN purchase a new motherboard as they will AGAIN use a new socket, LGA2066 . The platform has support for DDR4 memory and reportedly would be called X299.

The platform for all this is called Basin Falls platform and includes new processors and is merely a chipset refresh with a new socket . Socket R4 (LGA2066) as the official code name reads is getting 2,066 pins and provides a home to two new Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X series.

Skylake-X will include six , eight and ten core CPUs with a TDP around 140 watts and thus follow Broadwell-E . Under the name Kaby Lake-X there are also will be quad-cores for socket 2066, with fewer PCI Express lanes and only two memory channels. Also for Kaby Lake-X Turbo Boost 3.0 is not supported. There will also be a new chipset which includes ten integrated USB 3.0 ports and eight SATA600 ports. It is still unclear whether USB 3.1 will also be part of the chipset. We do know that there are up to 24 PCI Express 3.0 lanes , and a built-in Intel LAN controller are present.

At CES 2017, Intel is expected to unveil processors including Core i7-7700K/7700, Core i5-7600K/7600/7500, Core i3-7320/7300/7100, Pentium G4620/4500/4560 and Celeron G3950/3930 as well as its low-power models including the Core i7-7700T. Intel's Z270 and H270 chipsets will also make their debut at the show.

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