Sintech offers a U2 connector to PCIe converter

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Should you for whatever weird reason have a U2 SSD (commonly used in enterprise hardware such as servers), but do not have a U2 connector on your consumer-oriented motherboard (not that common anymore), sintech might have a cheap solution for you.

Sintech offers a conversion cable that allows you to directly connect NVMe U.2 drives. The shape of the connector is SFF-8639 that can supply data and power together, the bus interface is PCI-Express (x4), Intel "DC P3500/P3600/P3700", Samsung "XS1715", OCZ "Z-drive 6000", Compatible with HGST "Ultrastar SN100" etc.

The cable length is 200mm, the connector board width is 58mm, and the PCI-Express version supports 3.0/2.0/1.0. The unit costs 24 USD.

Sintech offers a U2 connector to PCIe converter

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