Single Slot Radeon HD 7850

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AFOX out of Hong Kong showed off a custom made Radeon HD 7850 card at CeBIT as vrzone reported. The card is the first single slot Radeon HD 7850 card we've seen so far and despite this, AFOX has managed to squeeze in four display connectors.

The AF7850-1024D5S1 as the card is awkwardly called also differs in terms of its overall specification compared to AMD's reference cards. For one, the GPU is clocked at 900MHz rather than 860MHz, a fairly modest overclock, but still a peculiar move considering the single slot the design. As the model name gives away, AFOX halved the graphics memory to 1GB and underclocked it by 75MHz (300MHz effectively) for an effective clock speed of 4.5GHz compared to 4.8GHz.

AFOX has managed to squeeze in a dual-link DVI port, an HDMI port, a DisplayPort and a mini DisplayPory connector. We're not entirely sold on the cooling design, as we have a feeling that the fairly modest fan is going to be quite noisy, but either which way, the card is an impressive attempt at doing something different.


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