Single-PCB GTX 295 launches late May

Last week images leaked from Inno3D showing off a single-PCB based GeForce GTX 295. We gathered some details and this product is not launched at Computex in two weeks. It's likely it will be shown there though.

The launch date looks to be the end of June and NVIDIA actually could make this a silent launch, simply replacing the current GTX 295 line-up with this updated model.

The card will have two 55nm GT200 chips, 1792MB (896*2) GDDR3 memory, 896-bit (448*2) memory interface, 289W TDP, 1.4 billion*2 transistors, 240*2 stream processors, 80*2 Texture Map Units, 28*2 ROPs, and core/shader/memory clock of 576/1242/1998MHz. This new single-PCB GTX295 keeps the same specs as before.


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